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Oryx Hunts


Off-WSMR Hunt

Contact us for info on these hunts.


Bullbuster Outfitters Oryx Hunts are one of the most exciting desert hunts there is in New Mexico. Introduced in the early 70's, the oryx were released on White Sands Missile Range. Over the years, good management through hunts that take place on range, the Oryx have a healthy herd and can be hunted on a draw , Once in a Lifetime hunt. The hunt takes place on White Sands and are usually 3 day hunts. The On Range hunts are extremely fun with a lot of shot opportunities with very high success kill rate. Typically an average Oryx horns length will be around 34-37" with a few Oryx that can reach close to 40".

New Mexico also offers Off-range hunts that take place outside the missile range on public land. These hunts are month long hunts and can apply for any months you choose. We can arrange the amount of days you want to hunt. 

 Hunters can experience a taste of Africa only found here in New Mexico. Tags have to be drawn through the state , but if drawn its a hunt of a lifetime .

Premium Hunts (Once-in-a-Lifetime Hunts)
Stallion Range - Sept 8-10
Rhodes Canyon - Sept 22-24
Rhodes Canyon - Dec 1-3
Stallion Range - Nov 3-5
Rhodes Canyon - Dec 6-8
Stallion Range - Jan 12-14, '24
Rhodes Range - Jan 26-28, '24
Stallion Missile Range - Feb 9 -11, '24
Rhodes Canyon - Feb 23- 25  '24
Stallion Range - Mobility Impaired Only oct 6-8

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