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Ibex Hunts


  These Hunts take place in the Florida Mountains in Southern New Mexico. The Mountains are extremely rugged and will push any hunter to there limits. Big deep Rocky Canyons makes for long days of extreme glassing, hiking and will test your physical endurance. The Bezoar Ibex were introduced in New Mexico in the 70's and have grown into a awesome herd.  They are 100% free range and the Florida Mountains is the only place to hunt Ibex in the country. These hunts are all spot and stalk and requires top physical shape in order to maneuver through"the Rock" which some locals call this amazing mountain range. This hunt is limited with few tags available and is a once in a lifetime hunt when it comes to rifle hunting.  This hunt is extremely tough to draw, but it's one of the best hunts to draw in the country. Rifle , muzzle and bow hunts are available in the draw system , and all require a lot of glassing and planning in order to get into position for a shot.  

Rifle Hunt Dates : Nov 15 - 29 Once in a life time
Youth Rifle Date : Dec 27 - Jan 10 '2024 
        Muzzle Date : Feb 17 - 23
        Bow  Date : Oct 1 - 15
        Bow Date : Jan 15 - 29 '2024

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